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PIML – Income Fund (Formerly PRIMUS Cash Fund) is an open ended income fund which aims to provide better tax adjusted returns than money market schemes by investing in short to long term fixed income instruments with a primary focus on Government issued securities like T-Bills and PIBs.

Fund Objective

The objective of PIML – Income Fund (formerly Primus Cash Fund) is to generate competitive returns by investing in short to long term debt instruments and securities.

Fund Strategy

PIML Income Fund optimizes investment returns by investing in short to long term fixed income instruments with primary focus on government issued securities like T-Bills and PIBs resulting in low risk.

Why Invest in this Fund

  • Professional management: The fund is actively managed by experienced and competent professionals.
  • It gives better returns than Money market Funds.
  • Competitive returns as compared to conventional deposit instruments.
  • Low risk profile, since it will primarily focus on Government issued securities which do not carry default risk.
  • Easy access to your money. You may sell some or all of your mutual fund units at any time and receive their current value (Net Asset Value).
  • Avail Tax Credit as per Section 62 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001.






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Fund Details

Fund TypeOpen End
CategoryIncome Scheme
Fund Stability RatingA+(f) by PACRA (21st Dec 2016)
Benchmark70% 6 month Kibor& 30% average of
6 month deposit rate of 3 banks
rated AA- and above
Management Co. RatingAM3+ by JCR-VIS (04 May 2016)
Inception Date9th August 2012
Dealing DaysDaily
(days when Banks are open for business)
Cut-off Time5.00 pm
Pricing MechanismForward
Management Fee Load1.00%
Load1% (Front-end) 0% (Back-end)
Risk ProfileLow to Moderate Risk
ListingPakistan Stock Exchange
TrusteeCentral Depository Company
of Pakistan Ltd.
AuditorM.Yousuf Adil Saleem &
Co. ‘Chartered Accountants’
Legal AdvisorMohsin Tayebaly & Co.
Minimum InvestmentPKR. 1,000
Fund ManagerKhawar Salman


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