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Funds Offer Redemption
PIML-IF 102.6 101.58
PIML-DRF 76.72 76.72
PIML-SMAF 110.91 108.73
PIML-IIF 103.01 100.99
PIML-IEF 125.08 122.62
PIML-VEF 117.73 115.42
PIML-AAF 104.55 101.50
Applicable for August 31, 2016 NAV HISTORY

Why Primus

Investment Solutions for You! We believe that everyone should benefit from smart saving and well diversified investment solutions that are appropriately balanced. This is where we come first; we strive to optimize investment returns by investing in carefully selected sectors that will enable you to reap the benefits from your savings. You can save the time and effort spent on…

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